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Toptal is a high-end freelancing website that claims to provide the top 3% of all freelance talent.

If you only need help with a smaller project, Toptal may be like hiring a gourmet chef to make your box of mac & cheese…overkill. If you want an onsite hire and don’t have an office in a major city, Toptal probably isn’t a good fit.

Most of their placements are remote workers. Bestow sends you talent within driving distance.

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Upwork is a freelancing marketplace that connects clients and freelancers. Clients post new jobs stating what they’re looking for and their estimated budget, and freelancers can send proposals and bid on the job.

Freelancers are not prevetted on Upwork. Most 1 star reviews are about poor customer service and scams from freelancers.

On Bestow, every independent contractor applies to be included in our directory.

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As it has been for years, LinkedIn is a place to discover new contacts and potentially generate more leads for your business.

By the same token, ProFinder lets you discover resources and present opportunities to them. However, it's not an end-to-end service provider. This means there's no way for employers and hired freelancers to exchange money for services completed.

This can feel risky to freelancers, especially those who don't already have a means to collect payouts.

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