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What is Bestow?

Bestow is a local directory for digital contractors and creatives. Business owners can subscribe to this directory. Business owners can find professionals that specialize in graphics and design, programming and tech, digital marketing, business tools, writing and translation, video and animation, and music and audio.

What am I paying for?

We’re glad you asked! Today, Bestow is free for contractors and creatives who want to be listed in our localized directories. As a business owner subscriber, you will have access to the directory of digital contractors and creatives.

What kind of functionality do I get?

You will get access to all of our premium features and integrations before each cohort of customers. You will be able to post a project then find the right person to complete the task.

When will the app be available?

The app will launch on March 31, 2020, exclusively in Houston and will have city activations starting April 2020.

What is I want a refund?

No problem! We will refund you 100% anytime before your city launches.

What if I want to cancel?

No problem! Text "Bestow" to (713) 301-9713 any time and we will cancel your business owner subscription.

How can I request a demonstration of this product?

Text "Bestow” to (713) 301-9713.

So what am I paying for?


We integrate with leading Applicate Tracking Systems.

Single Sign On

Single Sign-On (SSO) helps manage your team’s users outside of your built-in user table. SSO centralizes the database of users into a single service that controls authorization to all accounts and applications.

Audit Logs

Audit logs are the centralized stream of all user activity within a team. Part of the security and compliance program of any large enterprise is designed to control and monitor the access of information within the organization.

Role Based Access Control

Role based access control (RBAC) functionality enables application admins to limit the permissions of some users within a team.

Change Management

The operational procedures of many large enterprise organizations generally encourage adherence to written change management policies.

Team Management

App users can invite others to collaboratively use the application with them by creating or linking an account.

Simple, transparent pricing.

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